Where Are Your Dogs Clothes Made?

The Sophisticated Pet

All of our items are completely handmade in the heart of Sydney - Australia, Since 2013.

Created with the greatest love and care using only quality fabrics with unique and sophisticated designs for your Pet.

As none of our items are mass-produced, they will only be available in limited quantities and for limited times.

Meaning your Pet will always be ahead of the pack!

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Compostable Shipping Bags

As all of our items are handmade in Australia nothing will come in plastic, we try and find avoid using excess plastic materials you find in a lot of your overseas made items.

We use earth-saving, compostable, zero-waste packaging, which is 100% home compostable and not to mention super sleek, waterproof, tough and durable so your items arrive to you safe and sound!

Our bags break down in 3-6 months when composted rather than 300 years of which a typical plastic bag takes!